Schedule of Services


Sunday School       10:00 AM

Morning Service    11:00 AM

Evening Service       4:00 PM




Bible Class                6:00 PM



Choir Rehearsal







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Chief Apostle Bishop Joseph L. Price

Bishop Lois B. Hill

Dr. Cordia P. Moore

Church Officials

Bishop Joseph L. Price accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior in 1957. In 1961, he was called to preach and he started his first church in Gary, Indiana in 1963. After six years, Bishop Price moved and started a church in May 1969 in Indianapolis, where he then established the Deliverance Centers of America, Inc. The churches of the DCA included Louisville, Kentucky; Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Rockford, Illinois; Gulfport and Laurel, Mississippi; Monroe, Louisiana; Dayton Ohio; Gary and Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Bishop Lois B. Hill...started her church work early; she joined St. Paul Baptist church under the leadership of Dr. L. K. Jackson in 1953 where she worked faithfully in the choir. In 1962 she began directing the choir for the Price Temple Church of God in Christ under the pastorate of Elder Joseph L. Price. While directing the choir in 1966, the spirit of the Holy Ghost moved on her and she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal savior.

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Dr. Cordia P. Moore  is executive director of elementary education for the Gary Community School Corp. She has served the district as a classroom teacher, head

teacher and administrator, supervisor of parent programs and parent outreach.

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Church Auxiliaries

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